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Its been great getting all sorts of feedback about fmadio40, our 40G capture solution, and overwelmingly the response is its a great product but its a bit expensive and we dont really need 40G. We listened and now have the most cost optimized 10G 100% capture solution on the planet all for under $5K USD!

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How can we do 10G line rate capture at under $5K USD? By carefully understanding our customers problems. Start by asking how large are your daily PCAP files? 10GB ? 100GB ? maybe 500GB ? In practice outside of backbone infrastructure you dont see 1TB daily PCAP files, with PCAP files typically sparse with some bursting.

"Outside of backbone infrastructure you dont see 1TB daily PCAP files"

Our clients want highly accurate hardware packet time stamps, 100% packet capture with no drops, massively large RAID storage sizes and affordable pricing. Combinding these requirements with a daily 1TB pcap size creates a hardware architecture that includes a 1TB cache running at full 10Gbps backed by a massive 16TB of RAID5 hot swap storage all in a 1U package.

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How does it work? Our fmadio10 10G capture system hardware time stamps each packet, then writes directly into our 1TB of cache that runs at a full sustained 10Gbps line rate. This guarantees we capture every packet without loss at 7.4ns resolution timestamps. After writing to the cache the systems constantly flushes data to reliable RAID5 magnetic storage array.

If we do the math on writing back a full 1TB cache to RAID5 over the duration of a day, 1TB / 24H = ~11MB/sec. Proves we dont need an expensive and fragile hardware RAID5 with 10s of disks. Instead we pass on the cost savings of a simplified RAID system using the Linux kernel`s rock solid software RAID over 4 hot swap drives and save you alot of money.

There`s a ton of cool features in the box such as automatic bit-rot detection and repair before drive errors, our inline packet indexing code, the Stratum 3 PTPv2 time synchronization, our very cool packet filter on download or that we checksum and verify every single byte captured to ensure the highest data integrity.

Check out and Read the Specs.

Drop us a mail and we`re more than happy to discuss (and sometimes rant) about our new 10G packet capture system thats under $5K USD!