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Communication and collaboration technology has changed drastically over the last 10 years. While technology can never truly replace face-to-face discussions it gets pretty dam close. We at FMAD are a fully distributed and virtualized remote company built for hardcore hackers by a hack anything that has electricity hacker.

Our company is built from the ground up as a virtualized work place. We require English language and a good Timezone window overlap, everything else is up to you. Work on the Beach OK. Work in your basement OK. Work in your Pajamas NO - experience working remotely is required.

We maintain a small physical presence in central Tokyo that's required for system assembly and test. Yet at our very core we are a fully remote distributed software company modeled on how OSS projects operate.

This is our DNA

A different approach

Contrary to the standard approach, our company is designed to minimize the number of staff and maximize each members contribution and ownership. Thus we only look for exceptional hackers anywhere in the world, full time, part time, contract or collaboration based. Ever been told we need to hire 10 people to replace you? .. it is you who we`re looking for because your one of us.

We have zero bullshit tolerance level and ego`s are swiftly kicked out the door. Our focus is building and engineering the absolute best network systems, no politics, no bullshit just a group of hackers building the impossible.

Our systems use alot Javascript, Lua, C and Verilog plus a ton of opensource tools and code. Our development style is release early, release often with a backbone of heavy automated regression testing. Most of our workflow is CLI based and a strong emphasis on OpenSource and giving back.

This is our CODE

Beyond the edge

FPGA technology with a software philosophy is where the next generation of network products begins. Our requirements are lossless 10Gbps, 100Gbps and soon 400Gbps packet capture and analysis. At these network speeds CPU`s and GPU`s can not meet our requirements. We must create new technology and methodologies not merely on the bleeding edge but creating the technology bleeding edge itself.

This is our EDGE

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Want to learn the new wave of FPGA development? get back to cycle counting? go deep into ML? or cut though all the bullshit and disrupt an industry?

Send us some code. We understand you more from the code you write and problems you`ve solved than the Letters after your name, University you went to or the Country you live in. Real code solving real problems is the best way to show your skills.

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Aaron Foo (Founder)

1-8-3 shibuya toc 8th floor,tokyo,japan
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