10g packet capture 1U front

Cost Effective 10G capture

Capturing and monitoring 10G ethernet traffic is critical to all network infrastructure big and small. We have aggressively price optimized our range of network capture devices to under $5K USD. Giving you the absolute best valued sustained 10G line rate 100% packet capture device.

16 TeraBytes of RAID5

Large total capture capacity is critical for network and security forensics. Our 16TB (raw) of RAID5 storage keeps your data safe and secure using the open source linux software RAID stack. This means no funky raid hardware problems and rock solid opensource code that's stood the test of time.

20g packet capture 1U raid5

1 TeraByte of cache

We use an ultra fast, high bandwidth 1TB solid state cache to guarantee 100% packet capture at full 10G line rate. During capture this cache is constantly flushed to highly redundant RAID5 magnetic disk array. Giving you the ultimate blend of high performance 100% packet capture, with massive storage capacity, that's under $5K USD.

10g packet capture architecture

no ifs, buts or shoulds - capture that works

- the fmadio team

The Specs

Network Capture Speed
Sustained 10Gbit throughput

Capture To Disk Speed
Sustained 10Gbit throughput

Capture Interface
x1 SFP/SFP+ Port

Packet Size
min 64B packets
max 9216B packets

Management Interface
x1 10G SFP+
x1 10/100/1000Mb RJ45

IPMI Interface
x1 10/100/1000Mb RJ45

Storage Cache
1TB solid state array

Storage Capacity
16TB RAID5 magnetic disk
(4x4TB TOSHIBA disk)

Storage Hot Swap
4 x 3.5" Front Access

                                        Packet HW Time Stamp
7.4ns resolution

Clock Accuracy
Stratum3 Clock @ 0.37PPM

Time Synchronization

PPS Input
SMA Connector

GPS Antenna
SMA Connector

External IO
x2 USB Ports
x1 DSub VGA

                                        Rack Profile
1U SGCC Chassis 650mm deep

432mm x 44mm x 650mm
19" x 1.75" x 25.5"

14.0Kg / 30.0lb

Universal 31" Rails

6x 10K RPM 38x38mm fans

400W Capacity PSU
180W Usage Typical
240W Usage Peek


10g packet sniffer 1U front view 10g packet sniffer 1U rear view


10g packet capture hardware timestamp            

Full 10Gbit Line Rate

Full 10Gbps at 14.88Mpps line rate packet capture and processing to disk are absolutely critical performance metrics to achieve. We capture and store to disk at full 10Gbit line rate but also index and calculate data CRC`s in realtime to ensure your captured data retains its integrity.

Hardware Time Stamp

FMADIO10 uses TXCO controlled crystal for high precision 1 nanosecond resolution hardware timestamping. This enables excellent monitoring for even the most latency sensitive applications. Making detailed microburst analysis and precision latency calculations simple.

            10g packet capture hardware timestamp

10g packet capture hardware timestamp

Built in GPS

We support PTPv2, NTP, and external PPS signals. And in cases where there is no high quality time GrandMaster you can utilize the onboard GPS satellite receiver and achieve sub 100ns accurate world time calculated from up to 22 simultaneous satellites.

Hybrid SSD & HDD

Out system takes a hybrid approach to utilizing both SSD flash devices for their high bandwidth and HDD magnetic disks for their storage density. This creates the optimal blend of cost vs performance while maintaining your data on a RAID5 array, all in an tiny 1U profile.

        10g packet capture hardware timestamp
Cost effective line rate 10G packet capture with 16TB storage in a 1U device
Manufactured by: fmadio
Model: fmadio10G
Product ID: fmadio10G
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$4990 New
10g packet capture 1U front

The System

Linux Platform

power of linux        

FMADIO 10Gbps Packet Capture system runs using a highly customized x86 64bit Linux Operating system. Achieving peek performance is an art and we have tuned and optimized Linux specifically to maintain sustained 10Gbps 14.88Mpps line rate packet capture.

Our RAID array uses Linux`s standard MDADM software stack on time tested and opensource code without any proprietary hardware or software.

Stock x86

Using standard CPU, RAM, HDD and SSD components keeps maintaining your packet capture system simple. FMADIO10 use no proprietary or obscure hardware so replacement components are readily and easily sourced. The magic of our 10Gbps packet capture system is the highly optimized software achieving full 10Gbps line rate packet capture without monstrous and expensive hardware.

        power of linux

Full ROOT access

linux root access        

Full linux root access is provided enabling customization and configuration beyond the standard system install. This creates unlimited system modification`s to make your perfect packet capture system.

The Software

Elegant Dashboard

10gbps capture dashboard

Monitor everything from a simple web dashboard without the clutter. Analyze TCP vs UDP vs Total capture bandwidth, watch SSD cache utilization and monitor PTPv2, NTP or GPS PPS time offsets at 8H, 12H, 24H and 1W time intervals.

10gbps capture dashboard

Keep an eye on CPU, NIC, SSD, HDD and ambient temperature to ensure maximum system reliability. Also watch world time adjustments via PTPv2 or GPS or PPS or NTP down to single digit nanosecond slew offsets.

10gbps capture dashboard

... monitor HDD and SSD disk health. Watch your network port Uptime, link speed, transceiver brand/model numbers and more. For World time watch the current time slews and of course find the current Longitude and Latitude of the server!

Packet Browser

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting hours for WireShark processing. Let us do the heavy lifting to make WireShark run silky smooth on bite sized PCAP`s. Below is a screen shot of our top level file menu. You can click on individual capture`s and drill down to find the exact slice of packets you want.

10gbps capture dashboard

10gbps packet sniffer browser

Split your PCAP in every direction. Our capture technology enables simultaneous splits`s of all your captures. From 1 second splits, to 1 hour splits, to splitting a 12TB capture into 100MB files! you get all splits, all the time any way. Sometimes a single PCAP is best for script processing, other times bite sized 100MB PCAP make`s WireShark easy to use.

10gbps packet sniffer browser

Finally each split can be downloaded from the web browser to the local machine for further processing and investigation. Our goal is to optimize workflow that uses your existing tool chain.

Microburst Analyzer

Our FMADIO 10Gbps Packet Capture system has its own built in Microburst Analyzer called PacketScope. Utilizing nanosecond accurate hardware timestamping enables you to dig deep and understand exactly whats happening on the wire.

10gbps capture dashboard

10gbps capture dashboard

Select time windows to calculate microburst bandwidth (above) from 100 usec, 250 usec, 1 msec, 10 msec, 100 msec and 1 second. Switch instantly between each time window to create good intuition on the speed and throughput of microbursts.

10gbps capture dashboard

.. and inspect packet histograms on all captured data. Supported histograms on MAC Address, IPv4 Address, IPv4 Protocol, VLAN, TCP port and UDP port in a compact sortable table.

Script Integration

Simple shell based interfaces are extremely important for command line warriors to make smooth integration with your existing scripts and infrastructure. We offer a simple HTTP based interface that delivers 10G line rate thoughput on downloads for your custom tools to analysis engines. $ curl -u user:pass > todays.pcap % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 60 78.2G 60 47.3G 0 0 1010M 0 0:01:19 0:00:47 0:00:32 1020M  

The above snippet shows the command line speed and simplicity using HTTP API to access and download a PCAP from a capture session named "foo_capture".

10g packet capture 1U front


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FMADIO 10Gbps Packet Capture System

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  • 10Gbps Line Rate Packet Capture System
  • 1x10G Dual speed SFP/SFP+ Capture Interfaces
  • 16 TeraBytes Magnetic Storage Array
  • 1 TeraByte of SSD cache
  • Linux System root access


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power of amazon prime


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