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Packet Capture for AWS VPC

Finally full packet capture for Amazon Web Service's(AWS) / Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) / Elastic Compute(EC2) web architecture`s that is fully transparent to your cloud web application. Using full packet capture with nanosecond time stamps enables detailed analysis on what is sent down the wire.

Inline Packet Capture

Amazon`s Web Services run on a strict Layer 3 Point-to-Point network topology, making traditional SPAN/MIRROR/TAP architectures for packet capture impossible. FMADIO AWS Packet capture is specifically designed for AWS operating as an Inline Packet Capture device.

The AWS packet sniffer AIM runs on specific EC2 instances supporting SRIOV providing real NIC hardware (not paravirtualized). Real NIC Hardware enables extremely low port-to-port network jitter, and we utilize full user-space network offload stack`s that reduces forwarding latency even further. As packets do not traverse the Linux network stack, instead are processed by our highly optimized user-space networking process.

Unlimited Storage

Using d2.* EC2 Storage optimized instances provides 6TB to 48TB of local packet capture storage AND the option to write packets or network flows to a near limitless array of EBS attached volumes.

This enables years of packet capture storage using Amazon`s extreme high reliability EBS volumes.

Year`s of Packet History on Amazon EBS volumes

- using Amazon Web Service`s trusted infrastructure

Full Inline Packet Capture EC2 Instance for AWS
Manufactured by: fmadio
Model: fmadioAWS
Product ID: fmadioAWS
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The Specs

Network Capture Speed
Up to Burst 10Gbit throughput
(Depends on Instance Type)

Capture To Disk Speed
Burst 10Gbit throughput

Capture Interface
x2-x16 Network Interfaces

Packet Size
min 64B packets
max 8192B packets

Local Cache
6TB - 48TB local storage

Storage Capacity
Max 640TB
(max 40x16TB EBS volumes)

                                        Packet SW Time Stamp
1ns resolution
(RDTSC based)

Clock Accuracy
Variable Due to Vitalized Environment

Time Synchronization

Supported Instance
m4.xlarge (EBS only)
d2.xlarge (6TB)
d2.2xlarge (12TB)
d2.4xlarge (24TB)
d2.8xlarge (48TB)

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