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10G packet capture chassis front

100% packet capture

100% packet capture            

The fmadio packet capture systems are dedicated to 100% line rate 100G, 40G and 10G packet capture. Our systems are designed using custom highly optimized hardware and software to achieve extreme performance at incredibly good prices. Our mission is simple, do precision 100% network packet capture to standard PCAP files. Nothing more, nothing less, operated with immaculate execution.

never drop packets

10G Capture From $6K

The FMADIO 10G packet capture devices are incredible value for money. It delivers line rate 100% 10G packet capture in a 1U device with 16 TB of RAID5 storage. Its so cost effective you can deploy everywhere for complete network visibility.

Deploy Everywhere

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Incredible Support

incredible packet analysis support      

Tired of that big name vendors 24/7 support hotline that never answers your question? At fmadio your support questions are answered by the engineers who built the product. Always prompt and honest response`s without the sales guy rant.

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10G packet capture 1U rear

Sustained Line Rate Capture

Sustained Line rate 100G, 40G and 10G packet capture to disk is hard. Our devices are vigorously testing against sustained line rates for hours, days and weeks at a time. We believe packet capture in the most extreme network conditions must never drop packets, - and so should you.

10g packet capture span port

Time Accuracy

Highly accurate 10G packet capture with hardware stamps is a requirement in many applications. Not only do we have hardware packet time stamping, we can sync our onboard Stratum 3 clock to a PTPv2 Grand Master, or to a external PPS time source or we can synchronize using a GPS antenna via our onboard GPS receiver to sub 100ns accuracy. This provides multiple options to synchronize to local clocks or highly accurate global time from satellites.

10G packet capture hardware timestamp

Network Security

Networks are constantly under attack externally and internally from small groups to state sponsored groups. An important tool in this warfare is complete packet capture of everything in and out of your network. Enabling your security team a massive edge by analyzing months of network activity for suspicious behavior.

10G packet capture security monitor


10G packet capture filtering
20G packet capture
  • fmadio20

  • 20GBit to cache

  • Sustained 20G Packet Capture
  • Shipping Now
  • x2 SFP+ 10Gbit Port
  • 2 TeraByte cache
  • 16TB RAID5 Stoage
  • 1U Hot Swap Chassis
  • PTPv2 Time Sync
  • PPS Time Sync
  • ASIC Hardware
  • Simple Web Interface
  • Microburst Analyzer
  • Easy HTTP API
  • PCAP Analysis
  • $9,800 USD
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80G packet capture
  • fmadio80

  • 80GBit to disk

  • Sustained 80G Packet Capture
  • Shipping Now
  • x2 QSFP 40Gbit Port
  • x8 10G Breakout cable
  • 48 TB RAID6+1 Storage
  • 2U 48x Hotswap Chassis
  • PTPv2 Time Sync
  • Custom FPGA
  • Simple Web Interface
  • Microburst Analyzer
  • Easy HTTP API
  • PCAP Analysis
  • $54,850 USD
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100G packet capture
  • fmadio100

  • 100GBit to disk

  • Sustained 100G Capture
  • Shipping Now
  • x2 QSFP28 100Gbit Port
  • x8 25G Breakout cable
  • 48TB RAID6+1 Storage
  • 2U 48x Hotswap Chassis
  • PTPv2 Time Sync
  • Custom FPGA
  • Web Interface
  • Microburst Analyzer
  • Easy HTTP API
  • PCAP Analyzer
  • $74,890 USD
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fmadio lite packet capture
  • fmadio Lite capture

  • Up to 10Gbps Capture

  • Run on your hardware
  • Shipping Now
  • Runs on x86 System
  • All NIC`s Supported
  • Low end Hardware
  • High end Hardware
  • Live CD install
  • Full OS Image Install
  • Simple setup
  • Run Anywhere
  • FREE
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amazon aws packet capture
  • Amazon Packet Capture

  • AWS Cloud Packet Capture

  • Monitor AWS Data
  • Shipping Now
  • Full Packet Capture
  • Full EC2 AWS AMI Image
  • AWS Network Capture
  • Bump In the Wire
  • EC2 Packet Capture
  • Virtual Enviornment
  • Cloud Capture
  • $0.05/Hour
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Open Source Tools

At fmadio we strongly believe in Open Source tools and philosophy. We use open the open PCAP file format extensively and rely on the incredible work of 1000`s of talented engineers who contribute to the Linux Kernel, Linux software RAID subsystem and many other open tools and utilities. In a small effort to give back we have Open Sourced some PCAP packet analyzer tools for download, modification and usage in any shape or form.

            open source packet sniffer

Packet Latency Analyzer

In financial markets measuring packet latency though your network topology is incredibly important. As the difference between 1 network hop`s VS 2 network hop`s can be the difference between profit and loss. This utility enables measuring the latency of the same packet or same payloads within a PCAP or between 2 PCAP`s with many options.

Clone Latency Analyzer on GitHub

TCP Extractor

Demuxing a TCP Stream is critical for any kind of TCP protocol analysis. Our TCP Flow extractor generates flow information that enables all TCP streams to be extracted or specific connections only.

Clone TCP Extractor on GitHub

FMADIO Rsync Tool

Simple Python based utility with RSync like functionality to download and synchronize captured packets on a remote server. Full source code with many example application uses.

Clone FMADIO RSync on GitHub
40G packet capture chassis front

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