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Established in 2007 fmad llc is a lean and mean technology company located in Shibuya Tokyo Japan. We surgically target specific products that create maximum value to our loyal clients. There are few products for sale but the products we have are world class, offering exceptional value and service.

Tired of 24/7 support where no one can answer your question?

We are proud to be an efficient small business, we have no fancy office and no outsourced support team that can never answer your question. We believe the best sales person is an extremely satisfied customer so we do whatever it takes to answer your questions and keep you satisfied.

Your questions are answered by the engineers who built the product

Founded by veteran hardware & software engineer Aaron Foo. Aaron has over two decades of hardware and software engineering experience across three different continents, in a diverse range of industries. He developed the graphics chip firmware present in all 80+ million Playstation 3 systems shipped worldwide. Co-developed the worlds first ultra low latency 10Gbit FPGA based High Frequency Trading pre-trade risk check. And is currently lazer focused on developing another world class product, extreme network capture devices for 10G, 40G and 100G ethernet.

If you have anything we can assist with, please contact us now on how we can help.

fmad r0, r1, r2, r3

A fused multiply–add is a floating-point multiply–add operation performed in one step, with a single rounding. That is, where an unfused multiply–add would compute the product b×c, round it to N significant bits, add the result to a, and round back to N significant bits, a fused multiply–add would compute the entire expression a+b×c to its full precision before rounding the final result down to N significant bits -- Wikipedia

r0 = r1 * r2 + r3

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