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After months of slaving away, problem after problem finally, yes finally! fmadio40 the 1x40G or 4x10G line rate packet capture system gets its first demo in RL (real life). There`s alot of info on the blog about the system but its completely different when your there talking with a real live person about whats great, whats ok and what sucks.

  • fmadio demo

As you can see below its an ultra fancy hightech no expenses spared lavish party... lol. We`re in some dingy office that I kid you not was probably built in the late 70s... and the carpet has not been replaced... ever. On the table is our "poor mans 40G network tester" consisting of a bare bones PC with a slightly older (Xilinx V6) fpga. The fpga generates 40G line rate packet data of all shapes and sizes which is then connected into the 40G QSFP slot of the fmadio40 capture system. And of course our bad-ass 100% aluminum 1U 40Gbps capture server is on the table behind the monitor.

fmadio fist demo

.. and from a different angle you can see the carpet stains better ... errrr i mean the server.

fmadio fist demo server

It was an excellent discussion with lots of good feedback that is critical to finding the optimal blend of requirements vs good to haves vs not so important points. However unfortunately we are in Tokyo which makes these in-person demos not frequent enough.

If you want to know more, please start a conversation by contacting us! We are more than happy to discuss.