FPGA with your Coffee?

Posted by fmadio | 100G Ethernet

Its an often used cliche "only in Japan" do you get XYZ, usually some sort of outrageous TV show, strange food or something worse. I`ve been here in Tokyo for long enough that nothing really surprises me these days but once in a while you find something that's pretty cool.

  • fpga cafe

.. and that something cool today is your very own "FPGA CAFE", yes that`s correct. Would you like fries with that? or an oscilloscope, or how about a JTAG cable! Very cool stuff. But unfortunately this particular cafe is out in the woods so to speak, and calling it a cafe takes some imagination. None the less there`s FPGA`s, Oscilloscopes, cables and more on the menu all next to Coffee and Tea!

Here`s the link.

FPGA CAFE (english)
FPGA CAFE (equipment)
#fpgacafe (twitter)