Interop Tokyo 2017

Posted by fmadio | 100G Ethernet

We`re back again at Interop Tokyo 2017, setup and running on SHOWNET!

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Shownet 2017

Interop 2017 Tokyo was just as fun as last year, was great to see some of the same people and we were up and running on Shownet without any problems. This year we were connected to an Arista 7405R using a QSFP28 100G LR4 SPAN/MIRROR port. (That's us hilighed in RED)

Interop Shownet 2017 100G SPWAN

Unfortunately the traffic bandwidth was fairly low, so our FMADIO 100 Gbps packet capture system did not get much of a workout. But it was great to see the system up and running flawlessly 24/7 capturing real WAN traffic on a 100G LR4 link for the nearly 2 weeks SHOWNET was live.


We didn't have anything new to show this year, 200G and 400G packet capture isn't quite there yet so no awards this year.