Thermals of 1U 20Gbps Packet Capture

Posted by fmadio | 100G Ethernet

The magic and ubiquity of image sensors over the last decade has been incredible, and its not only Megapixels of your camera but also sensing the non-visible light spectrum. Have been wanting to check the thermal footprint of our 20GbE and 10Gbe packet capture devices for a while now. After all our competition uses large and bulky 3U, 4U, 5U or more devices, our packet capture systems from 10G to 100G are all a compact 1U form factor. This compact and lightweight form factor makes thermal management and optimization absolutely critical.

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The image sensor we have is pretty cool and created an excellent thermal image of our FMADIO 20Gbps packet capture device bellow.

20g thermal images

... and including labeled parts looks like this.

20g thermal label


Our devices are specifically designed to be compact and efficient 1U packet capture systems. The competition take`s the easy route and slap`s a few parts into a large and heavy 3U or 5U chassis. This is wastefull and not space efficent. Even worse a bulky 5U device in a high end HFT colocation site e.g TSE/OSE/NASDAQ/NYSE/etc your 5U rack fees for 1 year will probably cost more than the device itself.

We`re proud all our devices are 1U, with excellent thermal properties and using a compact 1U packet capture devices saves you even more in reduced colocation fees!