fmadio10/20 User Manual

User guide on how to configure and operate FMADIO10 and FMADIO20 packet sniffer device

fmadio AWS User Manual

User guide on how to configure and operate FMADIO AWS cloud packet capture system

fmadio LTE AWS User Manual

User guide on how to configure and operate FMADIO LTE VMWare Images.

fmadio VOIP Analytics User Manual

User guide on VOIP analytics engine

frequently asked questions

What happens when the disk is full?

The capture system will overwrite the oldest captured data with new packets. It operates as a ring buffer where the oldest data is overwritten by new data, thus the disk is never full and new captures will always function correctly.

Is full 10Gbit line rate supported?

Yes absolutely. The system is tested using 64 Byte packets with an Inter Frame Gap of 12 bytes reaching the full 14.88M packets / second.

Why a hybrid SSD / HDD capture system?

Magnetic HDD disks have large capacity but low bandwidth, while flash based SSD`s are low capacity but high bandwidth. We support the full sustained 10Gbit line rate capture to SSD up to 1TB of capture data. The majority of clients require line rate capture, but very few require sustained line rate for hours on end. By using hybrid storage the system cost is dramatically reduced but maintains large storage capacity and full 10Gbit line rate capture - the best of both worlds.

How does the hybrid SSD / HDD system work?

Captured packets are first stored into 1TB of SSD cache at full line rate speed. The SSD cache is then written back into a RAID5 magnetic storage array.

What is the resolution of the packet timestamp?

The resolution of the packet hardware timestamp is 7.4 nanoseconds.

Do you use nanosecond PCAP format?

Yes absolutely! PCAP timestamp is in nanosecond format

Are the timestamp`s the first byte or the last byte of a packet?

Timestamps are generated on the first byte of the XGMII packet preamble. This means the hardware timestamp corresponds to the first byte of a packet.

Is the Ethernet FCS / checksum included in the capture?

Yes absolutely. Packet captures includes everything between the ethernet header, to (and including) the ethernet FCS (Frame Check Sequence).

What OS is the system

The operating system is a highly customized version of the x86_64 Linux kernel.

Hardware RAID or Software RAID?

We use linux opensource mdadm software for our RAID5 array. Software RAID is more flexible, easier to work with and does not require proprietary hardware and formats.

Is there SSH Shell access?

Yes, ssh shell access is provided. However the system is a highly customized version of linux and we can not guarantee full packet capture if a client process is running on the system at the same time.

Why use HTTP for downloads?

HTTP is an extremely versatile protocol thats universally supported by all computing platforms. Because it is a simple format we achieve near 10Gbit line rate speeds for HTTP downloads. Usually the clients endpoint will be the bottleneck, e.g. the receiving machines disk or cpu.

Is HTTPS Supported?

Yes, the device can be setup for HTTPS only access for higher security levels.

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