fmadio 100G packet capture front fmadio 100G packet capture rear

Full 100G packet capture

Full line rate 100G Packet capture, 148.8Mpps in a 2U form factor with x48 hotswap 7mm SSD`s and x2 QSFP28 interfaces. Finally an affordable 100Gbps full packet capture with an easy to use interface in a compact form factor. Ideal for 100GbE troubleshooting, 100GbE device testing and 100GbE security applications. Pricing ~$100K USD.

100Gbps packet generator

In addition to full line rate packet capture, FMADIO100 provides a built in 100Gbps packet generator. This includes Layer 1 PRBS-7/15/31 testing, Layer 2 (ETHER) packet generation and Layer 3 (IPv4/6) packet generators. Best of all, full duplex simultaneous 100Gbps packet generation and 100Gbps packet capture is fully supported.

The Specs

Capture Speed
Sustained 100Gbps
Sustained 148.88Mpps

Capture To Disk
Sustained 100Gbps

Capture Interface
x1 100G QSFP28 Port

Generator Speed
Sustained 100Gbps
Sustained 148.88Mpps

Generator Protocol
Layer 1, 2, 3 Packets

Storage Size
24TB/48TB/96TB solid state

                                        Packet HW Time Stamp
3.2ns resolution

Packet Size
min 64B packets
max 9200B packets

Time Synchronization

External IO
x2 USB Ports
x1 DSub VGA
x1 Serial Port

x1 10G SFP+
x1 1G RJ45
x1 IPMI RJ45

                                        Rack Profile
2U Chassis 650mm deep

432mm x 88mm x 650mm
19" x 3.5" x 25.5"

30.0Kg / 66.0lb

Tooless 31" Rails

3x Hot Swap 60x60mm fans

800W Dual Hotwap PSU
(DC48V on request)

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