Line rate 40G capture

Its almost 2016 and 40Gbps of sustained bandwidth is already here. Our 40Gbit packet capture device provides an optimal blend of price and features enabling both native 40Gbit QSFP connections and 4x10G breakout packet capture. FMADIO40v2 is a 1U packet capture device for sustained 40G line rate to disk with massively scalable backend JBOD storage supporting 24TB to 768TB raw.

Design your own JBOD

From small business to Fortune 500, FMADIO40 packet capture system scales to your storage requirements. In todays high bandwidth and weaponized networks each customers security requirements are unique. Capturing 1TB/day or 100TB/day storage JBOD is designed by you, for your environment.

Index, Compress and RAID

Our 1U FMADIO40 device is the glue between 40Gbps of SPAN traffic, and 512TB of JBOD storage. We capture 40G line rate and buffer in our 16TB of ultra high speed SSD cache. This massive buffer enables every packet to be Indexed in realtime without packet loss. It also enables realtime compression that doubles or triple your effective JBOD storage. And of course it calculates RAID5 parity to keep your data safe and secure.

Scalable Storage from 24TB to 768TB

- a JBOD designed by you, for your requirements

The Specs

Network Capture Speed
Sustained 40Gbit throughput

Capture To Cache Speed
Sustained 40Gbit

Capture To JBOD Speed
Sustained 40Gbit
(depends on JBOD)

Capture Interface
x2 40G QSFP Port
(Ingress & Egress)

Packet Size
min 64B packets
max 9216B packets

Management Interface
x1 10G Mode SFP/SFP+

IPMI Interface
x1 10/100/1000Mb RJ45

                                        SSD Cache
16TB of SSD

JBOD support
24TB to 768TB
(12 to 96 drives)

Compression Level
similar to gzip --fast

Packet HW Time Stamp
3.2ns resolution

Clock Accuracy
Stratum3 Clock @ 0.37PPM

Time Synchronization
PTPv2, PPS, GPS Time source

PPS Input
SMA Connector

GPS Antenna
SMA Connector

                                        Rack Profile
1U Chassis 650mm deep

432mm x 44mm x 650mm
19" x 1.75" x 29.1"

19kg / 42lb

Universal 31" Rails

550W Dual Redundant
180W Usage Typical
240W Usage Peek


FMADIO40 + JBOD == Maximum Full Capture

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