Line rate 40G capture

Its already 2015 and the rapid pace of 40Gbit ethernet adoption continues. Our 40Gbit packet capture device provides an optimal blend of price and features enabling both 40Gbit QSFP connections also 4x10G capture interfaces using breakout cables. This is the only 1U packet capture device in the world with sustained 40G line rate to disk functionality. With a price that's a fraction of our competitors, but unlike our competitors we guarantee 100% packet capture.

Slim 1U Top of Rack

Rack footprint is always an important factor when deciding a system layout. The fmadio40 capture device is 1U and under 7KG making it very light and perfect for Top-Of-Rack placement. This is an explicit design constraint as we believe Top-Of-Rack total network capture devices are the future. Capture everything in and out of a rack for network debug, monitoring and security.

Filter on Download

Capturing network traffic to disk is only the beginning, as wading through 100`s of gigabytes of PCAP data in wireshark is pure sheer pain. Our fmadio40 device has 52Gbit/sec worth of raw local storage bandwidth. This enables our packet extraction and filtering software to run at 40G line rates. Creating a transparent full 7-tuple (and more) filter on download to get the correct subset of the raw packets to feed wireshark (or other) tools.

a small tool, done exceptional well

- the Unix Way-

The Ecosystem

Our 40G packet capture device does one thing only, capture all network traffic to PCAP. We believe our device is one component of a larger ecosystem of tools, in the Unix Philosophy of "combining small sharp tools to accomplish larger tasks". Our code is tight, highly optimized and ruthlessly tested to do network capture, nothing more, nothing less, but done exceptionally well.

Simple Integration

We spend alot of time ensuring the software interfaces are clean and simple. There is a rich web interface to navigate data capture and perform maintenance. For command line warriors a WebDAV interface is available and every operation can also be done with CURL. This makes integration with other apps, tools and scripts simple.

The Specs

Network Capture Speed
Sustained 40Gbit throughput

Capture To Disk Speed
Sustained 40Gbit throughput

Capture Interface
x2 40G QSFP Port
(Ingress & Egress)

Packet Size
min 64B packets
max 9216B packets

Management Interface
x2 10G Dual Mode SFP/SFP+

IPMI Interface
x1 10/100/1000Mb RJ45

Storage Medium
SSD Flash Array

Storage Capacity
4TB to 16TB total storage

                                        Packet HW Time Stamp
3.2ns resolution

Clock Accuracy
Stratum3 Clock @ 0.37PPM

Time Synchronization
PTPv2, PPS, GPS Time source

PPS Input
SMA Connector

GPS Antenna
SMA Connector

External IO
x2 USB Ports
x1 DSub VGA

                                        Rack Profile
1U Aluminum Chassis 740mm deep

432mm x 44mm x 740mm
19" x 1.75" x 29.1"

6.6Kg / 14.5lb

Universal 31" Rails

10x 20,000 RPM 38x38mm fans

400W Capacity Single PSU
180W Usage Typical
240W Usage Peek



100% Packet Capture

The fmadio40 device is designed for 100% sustained 40G line rate capture to disk. Don`t settle for burst capture systems that create nasty packet drops when the going gets tough. Our device guarantee`s 40G packet capture at line rates at 60 Million packets per second (64B packets) and full sustained 40Gbit/sec of 9216 byte jumbo packets for hours, days weeks on end without drooping a single packet.

In Tap Capture Out

Bump in the wire feature for all our devices is simple to setup and extremely low latency. Consider it a low latency 40G Tap that simultaneously captures and stores to disk everything and anything a network can throw at it. This is cost effective and easy to manage solution to monitoring your networks without the mess and hassle of optical taps and aggregation switches.

Precision Time

Keeping precise global time is critical to latency sensitive network monitoring. Our system includes a Stratum 3 level clock with 0.37 PPM drift that keeps precision time throughout the day without synchronizing to a PTPv2 grandmaster or GPS sourced time sync. We understand clocks must be stable and monotonic when measuring time in single digit nanoseconds and have many synchronization options.

Virtual SPAN with 16TB FIFO

Capture to disk is extremely useful but we offer more than just a PCAP file server. One of our most popular software features is a virtual span port with essentially a 16 Terabytes of FIFO space. The application connects over a loss-less TCP connection, so the application never drops packets. This allows applications to do realtime 7-tuple (and more) filtering with a massive FIFO enabling the application to consume packets at any rate - perfect for script monitoring tools.

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